Create A Breathtaking Ambiance

“For the last four years, uplighting has swept the nation and everyone wants to do it. It is time to step away from the every-other-event and make your event the land mark for future events and trends…”

There are so many ways to do lighting for your event. Make sure it is done the right way. Lighting is more than just placing lights in a room. There is an expectation that if you have it, we have to create something memorable. Our goal is to exceed your expectations like we have for so many. It is a custom monogram shining over a head table, or a dancing ambiance of your event theme colors creating an unforgettable ambiance.

What color will you use for your event? The brighter your color, the better your results. Colors that are high in saturation show up better. This includes vibrant oranges, baby blues, pastel pinks, rich purples and festive greens. The most common solution we do for weddings is column and/or wall washes. This is accomplished by placing LED fixtures at the base of your walls around the perimeter of the room. During dinner and cocktail hour, lighting will match your linens and event theme colors.


Turning your event or hall into the most beautiful atmosphere is your primary goal; personalized colors accenting your walls or pillars is the best way to achieve this. We have invested in new LED technology because these units offer many benefits over traditional par lighting with gel sheets.

Uplighting is gorgeous and can create an amazing atmosphere if done correctly. There are many DJ companies in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex area that do uplighting, but there are only a few that do it well. Lighting is an art, but just like art, it can be over done. For the last four years, uplighting has swept the nation and everyone wants to do it. It is time to step away from the every-other-event and make your event the land mark for future events and trends.

It is more than just placing lights in a room; it is creating the perfect design and reaction that is going to make your event stunning. Whether it’s creating the perfect backdrop behind a head table or surrounding your entire room, you can bring the magic and elegance to life. It is safe, efficient and the perfect touch to the perfect decor. Contact us today for more info.

Monogram Lighting

Imagine your designed monogram shining magically on the center of your dance floor, over your head table or on pipe and drapery! Many wedding couples have their initials and wedding date projected for all their guests to see.

Three of our four base wedding packages include stock monograms. The “Enchanted Adventure” package offers the “LOVE” monogram to symbolize your love for one another. The “Magnificent Lifetime” package offers a stock single letter initial of your last name. Our new “Ultimate Wedding” package features a custom steel monogram for that finishing touch to your event. You can also add this to the “Blissful Send Off” package as an a la carte upgrade.

We also offer a custom logo monogram to project anywhere for all your guests to see. We can even use the same monogram that you had designed for your invitations. This is a great way to tie together all of your small details. At the end of the night, we will give you the custom monogram plate as a personal momento.

Dance Floor & Spot Lighting

Fun, club-like dance floor lighting is a great option if you’d like to “party” after the elegance of your dinner. During the dancing portion of your evening, lighting will produce an array of beautiful colors that move to the beat of the music. There are even customized shows to certain songs!

Dance floor lighting is computer controlled “intelligent” lights that are programmed to add color to your dance floor in a variety of patterns. Entertainment is the entree of an event; dance floor lighting is the dessert!

Some of the lights even have the ability to spotlight memorable moments of your reception. Special events such the Grand Entrance, First Dance, Father/Bride & Mother/Son Dances, Bouquet/Garter and Toasts look remarkable when viewed by spotlight by your guests.

L.E.D. Glow Booth

Ever been to an event or wedding reception and the DJ area was a mess? Imagine investing time, energy and money into planning the perfect event or wedding that exudes elegance and class, but the DJ area is a wiring mess! For this reason PTP Entertainment decided to create a glow booth as a complement to the luxurious look of uplighting and monograms.

Even if you don’t have uplighting at your event, this booth adds a polished look to your event. It also provides additional lighting for the dance floor and is a great centerpiece for your guests to gaze at. It has also served as a great backdrop for photos for your guests.

Let our lighting design team create a stellar backdrop for your event. Check our availability for your date…[/dcs_blockquote]