Hiring A Wedding DJ Video Series

9:50 am
James “Magnificent” Hall starts off our first video series by giving tips on hiring a wedding DJ entertainer for your special day.

Many couples don’t realize the importance of the “DJ” at their weddings.  So often they are told by others that the DJ just plays music.  In this video series, we will walk you through some great tips to hiring the right professional for your wedding […]

Hiring A Quality DJ Entertainer

Hiring A Quality Entertainer is Vital to the Success of your Event, and here’s why:

There are a large number of DJ’s in every major city in the United States, but how many provide “True Quality” for the client. That number is vastly decreasing these days because everybody claims that they are a DJ, but deliver a lackluster performance when it comes delivering a quality experience for the customer. Hiring a quality entertainer is so important if you want your dance floor to stay packed all night long, or whether everybody leaves to go home by […]

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6:59 pm

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